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Updated: May 14

Q : How can i Install and setup the app?

A : Click Here to see steps to install and setup the app.

Q : How can i add and configure the “File Download” component on any Record Page or onto any Salesforce Objects?

A : Below are the steps on how to add and configure the “File Download” component on any Record Page or onto any salesforce objects :

If the user wants to implement downloading files and attachments on the records detail Page. Users need to configure downloadFile LWC Component as well VF Page with Name FileDownloader for downloading Files and Attachments.

Q : Where can i see all the Features of the application?

A : Click Here to see all the features of the application.

Q : Is there a limit to how many files i can download using the app ?

A : No, you can download unlimited files. However you can download the files in batches of 100, 500 and 1000.

Q : How can i get support regarding any queries related to the application?

A : We offer 24X7 support, If you have questions or any queries on further customizations, contact us at

Q : What if i am searching for a large amount of files at once?

A : Yes, that's possible to do! But if the selected Files and Attachment's size is above 20 MB, Loading time takes place and the user is notified with the Page is an unresponsive warning. If we click the Wait button then files and attachments get downloaded.

Q : Is there a user profile limitation ?

A : If the user profile is other than System Administrator & wants to download Files and Attachments then you will need to assign the Permission set called File_Downloader.

Q : What if I want a refund after the app purchased?

A : No there are no refund available.

Q : Does the app store OR share data to external systems and what about my data residency?

A : App never store and share data to external system, File downloader app only allows users to download OR export files from Salesforce environment in bulk.

Also, Salesforce reviews our app quarterly and reserves the right to do thorough assessment. As our app is 100% built on the Salesforce lightning platform, we are fully compliant by Salesforce TRUST policy. You can refer to this for more information about Salesforce platform

Q : App is taking longer time to process - how long do I have to wait?

A : Reach out to our team

Q : I want to use the app for one time export only, can I pay for one time?

A : All the plans are yearly plans only. We do not offer one time export.

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