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Easy Installation Guide

Updated: May 14

"Files Downloader" Installation Guide

Install directly from Salesforce AppExchange, search “Files Downloader” on AppExchange or use the below link of the listing :

Step- 1 : Click on the “Get It Now” button to install as depicted in below screenshot :

Step- 2 : Select either of the options and proceed as shown below ( Tip : click on if you would like to install the app in your SFDC Environment )

Step- 3 : Login into the SFDC environment where you want “Files Downloader” to be installed.

Step- 4 : Select the type of SFDC environment and continue as shown below.

Step- 5 : Provide and confirm the details in the pop-up as shown below.

Step- 6 : Files Downloader can be installed for Admins , for all Users & for specific profiles too. Please proceed with the option that best suits your needs and click on the Install button.

Step- 7 : Click Done and the application will be installed. Admin will receive an email notification against successful installation.

Once, you click on the Done button below page will appear providing information about the Installed Packages in the respective Salesforce environment as shown below.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed “Files Downloader” in your Salesforce Org.

Start using the Application

  • Click on the App Launcher & select “Files Downloader” App.

Enjoy the 7 Days Free Trial with upto 50 Downloads free & If you have any further questions, contact us at

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